St. Stephen’s Soccer

Directions to Field Locations

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How do I get there?

SSS – St. Stephen’s School

KES – Kingsville Elementary School

KP – Kingsville Park

RR#3 – Reckord Road

RFES – Ring Factory Elementary School

ERP – Edgewood Rec Park

MES – Magnolia Elemetary School

GHP – Gravel Hill Park

FSP – Francis Silver Park

AMS – Aberdeen Middle School

BP – Belcamp Park

PMHS – Patterson Mill High School

HC – Harford Christian FIELD
*Note-Field is not at the school.  The address listed on the map is the address directly across the street from the field

WPES – William Paca

ERP3 – Edgewood Rec Park #3

RWES – Roye Williams Elementary

AHS – Aberdeen High School

DES – Dublin Elementary School

EMMA – Emma Rocky Park

APG – Aberdeen Proving Ground
*Note – Field is on Bayside Drive.  Anyone over 18 will need proper Identification to enter APG so plan to leave a little early for games scheduled here.

Note that all “Live” field maps have a really neat feature called “bird’s eye view” in which you can see a satellite image of the actual location.  Click on the “bird’s eye view” button on the map to check it out!

Not sure which field the game is on? Check the your age group’s page for schedules.